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Knowledge, Tips and concrete Ideas - when you need them

Webinars, workshops and coaching can be valuable tools to build your own knowledge, but when it comes down to it, you are usually alone again. How pleasant and helpful would it be if you could get support during your daily trading routine?

That now is available for you, because BORN-4-Trading is a service of Rüdiger Born and his team, originally for the narrow circle of workshop participants, but now also allowing you to stay ahead of the market.

How great would it be to be able to peer over the shoulders of institutional traders or listen to traders' meetings to find out what's hot, where threats lurk, and what action seems appropriate in which situations.

The Goal

The goal is to provide you with regular tips and ideas on a regular basis, often several times a day, to answer open questions and guide you through your daily trading routine.

We regularly provide you with good ideas, warn about traps and pitfalls in the market, and answer questions about current market activity and trading in general.

The Content

In order to meet the different requirements, we have provided two variants for you:


  • follow live discussions by Rüdiger Born with his traders on the current markets
  • current screenshots of exciting market situations
  • tangible Elliott scenarios
  • suitable or non-suitable BORN bars
  • Possibility to ask questions
  • Voice messages to the current market or to answer questions
    (via WhatsApp or Telegram)
  • Video messages at the current market or to answer questions
    (via WhatsApp or Telegram)
  • Webinars in the closed user group to answer questions
  • shortly announced webinars in exciting situations or questions
  • tangible entry and exit levels as well as strategies for certain trading situations
  • Information on economic or corporate data
  • and much more


BORN-4-Trading Voice & Video only:

  • Voice messages to the current market or to answer questions
    (via WhatsApp or Telegram)
  • Video messages at the current market or to answer questions
    (via WhatsApp or Telegram)
  • Possibility to ask questions


Times and Frequencies

Typically, but not necessarily, you receive multiple messages, notes and posts daily, of current trading opportunities, tips on how to proceed in the markets and the way to address current issues.

The times of course also depend on the markets and what's interesting. Therefore, many posts come within the day, but also valuable for the spare time traders in the evening.

Technical Requirements

Basically all you need is a browser, as well as a smartphone with WhatsApp or Telegram for voice and video messages. These apps are available for free for virtually all smartphones.

Many trading ideas can be traded with any chart program. We ourselves use the AgenaTrader, which is not a prerequisite for the use of BORN-4-Trading. Only if you want to work independently with the BORN bar's, you need the inexpensive BORN package, which can be used together with the AgenaTrader.

But we also show a lot of trading ideas that you can trade without your own BORN package.

Note on WhatsApp and Telegram

To receive the voice and video messages, you need the free app "WhatsApp" or "Telegram", which you can download for your Android or Apple smartphone from the respective store. In order for us to reach you via WhatsApp or Telegram, we also need your associated mobile phone number.

The messages via WhatsApp and Telegram are explicitly not sent via a group, but via a mailing list so that you do not receive messages from other users and nobody in WhatsApp/Telegram can tell who also is in the mailing list. Thus, you will receive the news exclusively from Rüdiger Born and his team.

If you wish to receive the voice and video messages, you must expressly agree to the storage of your mobile phone number and the use of WhatsApp/Telegram.

If you do not agree with the storage of your mobile number or do not want to use WhatsApp or Telegram, you can still use the other services offered by BORN-4-Trading.

BORN Traders GmbH

Bettinastr. 30
60325 Frankfurt/Main

Fon: +49 69 97 461 135

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